Nuclear energy viable option to resolve Ghana’s power crisis

Accra, June 30, GNA - Professor Benjamin J.B Nyarko, Director-General of Ghana Atomic Energy Commission on Monday said nuclear energy is the viable option to relief Ghana from her present power crisis.

He said sustainable economic growth would also be possible if there is sustainable energy to drive industry and commerce and ensure that Ghana compete favourably with the rest of the world in areas such as agriculture, health delivery and information technology.

Prof Nyarko was addressing a durbar to mark African Scientific Renaissance Day to remind policy makers on the importance of science and technology.

It was on the theme: “Ensuring Sustainable Energy for Accelerated Economic Growth.”

Prof Nyarko said the inclusion of nuclear power in Ghana’s energy mix to augment the overall installed capacity would significantly reduce the perennial power crisis.

He said has successfully operated a Research Reactor for almost 20 years without any hitch and the experienced gained from the operation, coupled with advances in modern nuclear safety technologies places the Commission at a position where it can successfully operate a power reactor.

He said the establishment of School of Nuclear and Allied Science has helped in the training of the requisite manpower needed to successfully operate, maintain and decommission a nuclear power plant in collaboration with International Atomic Energy Agency and other strategic International Agencies.

He said the establishment of the Nuclear Power Organisation, which is involved in the implementation of the nuclear power programme in collaboration with other stakeholders such as  Ministry of Energy, Energy Commission, Volta River Authority, Electricity Corporation of Ghana, and Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, shows the efforts Ghana is putting in place to operate her first Nuclear Power Plant.

Work is far advanced for the passing of a National Nuclear Regulatory Authority Bill to enable the establishment of an effective independent nuclear regulator, which is a key international requirement for any country to include nuclear in her energy mix.

He said Africa and for that matter Ghana is several decades behind her developed partners and to achieve an accelerated growth, sustainable energy is critical and energy could play an important role in this direction. 

He said the emergence of the industrial age, coupled with the ability to harness and use different forms of energy has transformed living conditions for billions of people globally,  as these have improved the level of comfort and mobility of humans over the years.

“In most instances the steady growth in energy consumption has been closely linked to rising levels of prosperity and economic opportunity globally,” he said.

He called for stakeholder collaboration in achieving sustainable energy supply for national economic growth.

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Published: 2014-06-30 19:41:13
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