Mikaddo Holdings endorses punctuality campaign

By Alexander Nyarko Yeboah, GNA   

Accra, Sept 11, GNA - The Group Chief Executive, Mikaddo Holdings Limited, has endorsed the punctuality campaign by urging Ghanaians to be punctual and reliable at all times as a means of ensuring progress and development in the nation.

Nana Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo is the 25th person to endorse the campaign which is spearheaded by Punctuality Ghana Foundation as the Foundation braves itself to spread head the campaign on time consciousness in all aspects of the Ghanaian national life.

In a key note address on Tuesday at Mikaddo Holdings Limited, Labone, Nana Dr. Agyekum Addo, informed that there were principles governing all aspects of life and that it was these principles that led one to succeed in life, not supposed spiritual interventions.

“Everything that God has made for mankind is here in Ghana, fertile land, good weather, minerals, etc. why then should we still be poor,” Nana Dr. Agyekum Addo wondered, whilst he inspired his audience.

He identified lack of respect for time as one major reasons why people failed in life, adding that, “People promise but often fail to fulfill their promise, they give you time but aren’t sure to go by it; let it rain and nothing works. Almost everybody in Ghana is guilty of this.”

The Entrepreneur informed that this unreliable character by people “has generated some words which have become normal in our daily conversations. Such words include, I forgot, it was due to circumstances beyond my control, it was the traffic, beyond the rain I couldn’t make it, etc.”

Nana Dr. Agyekum Addo stressed that people gave such excuses in order to avoid being challenged and for people to accept what they say to be the truth even though it was not.

“We want to avoid guilt therefore find it difficult to accept our mistakes or failures, but these excuses indicate that something has not been done well and had led to failure. What follows these excuses is non-performance that leads subsequently to failure and therefore poverty,” the Group Chief Executive informed.

He indicated that “wealth creation had a lot to do with being reliable with no excuses wherever we find ourselves. Be at the right place at the right time for the right purpose. This is to say you must make a conscious effort to be punctual for all appointments.”

He advised Ghanaians not to keep people waiting unnecessarily; “do not follow the crowd and assume that people would be late because of their adherence to Ghana’s time. When people are able to identify you as a punctual person, they would ensure that they are punctual anytime they have to see you. This would save you a lot of time.”

He said first impressions lasted long, and that people should be punctual to their first engagements, dress well, etc. in order not to seek for a second chance to make the right impressions when they had destroyed the first opportunity.

The Lead Campaigner of Punctuality Ghana Foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Amarquaye, in his remarks, informed that poor supervision was the cause of the poor attitude to time and work in the civil and public services.

In that regard, he insisted that there was the need for persons in the public sector to sit up in order to provide the needed support for the private sector to grow and contribute to the development of the nation.

“It is said that attitude is everything and where your treasure is where your heart is, therefore it’s obvious that our attitudes tell who we are. And so if we want to build this country and develop to become like other developed countries, we must get the right attitudes at all times,” Mr. Amarquaye said.

He insisted that one could not be average and expect to succeed because, “No matter how rough you think your situation is, it can be better if you decide not to be average” .


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Published: 2019-09-11 12:52:02
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