Mexican President moves to "attend" to 26,000 unclaimed bodies in morgues

MEXICO CITY, Aug. 27, (Xinhua/GNA) - Mexico has 26,000 unidentified corpses lying at forensic centers around the country as a result of rampant crimes, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday.

Identifying the victims is one of the priorities of his administration, which took office on Dec. 1, the president said during his daily press conference.

"What has been happening in our country in terms of violence, murders and disappearances is very regrettable, and so are the unidentified bodies," he said. Officials are "especially attending to this regrettable issue: 26,000 unidentified bodies," he added.

Asked whether his administration will adopt tougher measures against crime, Lopez Obrador said he believed the most effective way to stamp out violence is to fight poverty, not use violence to curb violence.

"We are not going to try and resolve problems through coercive measures, through the use of force," he said.

According to observers, Mexico's war on drugs succeeded in dismantling several major cartels and capturing powerful drug lords, such as Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

However, it also led to a rise in numerous smaller, well-armed criminal rings that fight each other for control of drug markets and trafficking routes.  


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Published: 2019-08-27 14:57:45
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