Appeal to Government to assist training of Radiologists abroad

By Dominic Adoboli, GNA

Ada, May 17, GNA - The Government has been urged to institute a scholarship scheme for Radiologists to undergo sub-specialisation trainings abroad, to enhance their specific competencies in advancing Radiology and healthcare delivery.

Dr. Ewurama Andam Idun, President of the Ghana Association of Radiologists (GAR), made the appeal, at the opening of the seventh Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of the Association on Thursday at Ada, Ada East District, Greater Accra Region.

According to her such trainings or fellowships were only available in countries outside Africa.

"The need for sub-specialisation is so strong as our field has become so complex that no individual can maintain the level of expertise and competence needed to practice the entire field of radiology," she said.

Dr. Idun cited the example where one can specialise in Neuro Radiology or pediatric radiology and the others, adding that currently there were just a countable number of such specialists, while there were only a total of 86 Radiologists in the country.

She described Radiologist as a medical Doctor with specialty in use of X'ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines to scan for imaging looks into a body for disease detection to inform the clinical physician as to what to do next.

Relating to the conference theme: "Radiological Imaging - an indispensable tool in evidence-based medicine", Dr. Idun said Radiology had impacted the effective practice of medicine as a critical and inseparable component of quality healthcare in the country.

"Radiology has been a distinct medical specialty, playing a vital role in healthcare, being the key diagnostic tool for many diseases including the role of monitoring treatment and predicting outcome," Dr. Idun said.

She lamented the increasing prevalence of teleradiology services with foreign countries and some centers using foreign radiologists not recognised by the Ghana Medical and Dental Council (MDC) or licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons to operate in Ghana.

Dr. Idun called on the Health Facilities Regulatory Authority (HEFRA) to consult GAR in structuring the setup requirements for operating a radiological center for the right practice.

She said GAR bemoans the intended plan of using biomedical engineers to replace radiographers, the technicians that take images for accurate reporting for that of radiologist, and said GAR does not support the plan no matter the reason.

Police Superintendent Dr. Francis Ofei, GAR Vice President, reiterated the need for sub-specialisation for Radiologist, saying one familiar with adult issues may not be able to handle child issues, so one needed to specialise on children for effective handling.

Three American and British Radiologists - Professor Orpheus Kolokythas, Dr. Eduardo Mortani Barbosa and Professor W. Gedroyc are also participating as resource persons.

Professor Barbosa said the greatest challenge to the radiology field was the acquisition and maintenance of the ultra sound equipment as they were expensive.

The three-day meeting will review topics including Quantitative and Functional Cardiothoracic Imaging, Law and Practice of Radiology, Medical Law and Selected Case Reviews, Pancreatobiliary Emergencies and Quantitative Imaging of COPD and fiobric interstitial lung diseases.

Polycystic kidneys; MRI of Dialysis Venous problems; Drug Activation using focused ultrasound, Advanced Diagnosis of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome using Quantitative imaging and Machine Learning Methods and Internal Jugular Vein Tumour Thrombus among others.


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Published: 2019-05-17 17:34:41
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