Ekumfi Paramount Chief pledges to transform Ekumfi State

Srafa Mpoano (C/R), May 15, GNA - Odeefo Akyin VIII, the Paramount Chief of Ekumfi State has resolved to settle all chieftaincy disputes within the paramountcy before the middle of this year to facilitate his vision to roll out his agenda to develop the entire Ekumfi State.

“My topmost priority is to transform the whole Ekumfi State to an enviable position in the country”.

Odeefo Akyin gave the assurance at a colourful durbar as part of the coronation of Nana Otwer Koko Nyeeku VII at Srafa Mpoano, which ended the 38-year old protracted chieftaincy dispute in the town.

He said protracted litigation and chieftaincy disputes had denied the Ekumfi State of its place in national discourse and reminded his people that development initiatives could not survive in a community full of rancour, acrimony, lawlessness and disputes.

The Paramount Chief lamented that in the midst of abundant blessings of resources, naturally gifted by God to the State, many of his people were still impoverished due to litigation and disunity. 

He advised everyone to bury their differences, smoke the peace pipe and allow unity to prevail.

He urged the new Chief to operate an open door policy and seek good counselling from his elders and never leave them behind in any decision he takes.

The new chief, Nana Nyeeku thanked the elders for the honour done him and pledged to serve them with humility, respect and trust.

He said he will soon outdoor a ten-year development plan that would transform Srafa Mpoano and aid development to improve the standard of living of the people.

The Ekumfi Traditional Area has for the past 30 years been riddled with numerous chieftaincy disputes, which went through the Central Regional House of Chiefs, the National House of Chiefs and the traditional courts without any resolution on site.

Odeefo Akyin VII had so far settled some outstanding disputes through arbitration and the successful outcome has been embraced by all the factions.


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Published: 2019-05-15 16:48:31
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