S. Africa's opposition to restructure after election defeat

JOHANNESBURG, May 14, (Xinhua/GNA) - South Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), blaming its electoral decline on the rise of populism and nationalism, say it will restructure.

The DA got 20.77 percent of the votes in May 8 elections, down from the 22.2 percent it garnered in 2014.

"We were faced with internal challenges and significant changes in the political landscape, the rise nationalism on both the left and the right," DA Federal Chairperson Athol Trollip said.

"Both internally and externally there were matters we had to grapple with." "We will be the first to state that these factors had a role to play in our electoral fortunes," he said.

"We are holding the moderate non-racial center ground, an important position in the rise of populism," Trollip said.

The party leadership takes collective responsibility for the outcomes of elections, he said, adding that some organizational structuring will be taken to revive the party.

"There will be a review of the organizational structure and how we can best operate as a party that occupies governments that serve around 15-million people, and the way we campaign," Trollip said.

He said the DA will start preparing for the next local government elections, scheduled for 2021.


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Published: 2019-05-14 16:23:58
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