Geneva court upholds ban on officials wearing religious symbols

GENEVA, May 14, (Xinhua/GNA) - The Geneva Court of Justice's Constitutional Chamber has upheld a ban on public officials wearing religious symbols.

The appeal to suspend a provision of the Geneva law that reinforces the separation of religion and State failed, and the ban remains effective until "further notice", the Swiss News Agency SDA-Keystone reported.

Geneva canton adopted a new law on secularism after 55 percent of its voters backed its introduction in a February referendum.

In Switzerland, each of the 26 cantons decides on the relationship between religion and politics and this has created different systems across the Alpine country.

Under the new Geneva law seeking to define the limits of religion in the public sphere more clearly, elected representatives in Geneva are banned from displaying religious symbols.

These include wearing headscarves when taking part in plenary council sessions or during other official acts when they are in public view.

The appeal to suspend this provision was rejected by the Constitutional Chamber of the Geneva Court of Justice and communicated Monday.

The appeal was made by a political movement on the "extreme-left" and "several Muslim women", said Keystone-SDA in a report carried by Swissinfo, the website of the national broadcaster.

The case focused primarily on "the issue of the ban on working in public service wearing an Islamic veil".

One of the claimants was directly affected by the law, the news agency reported. In April, the same court had provisionally suspended the provision after an appeal by the Green Party after one of its elected members at the municipal level wore a veil and had to participate in sessions from the public gallery. 


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Published: 2019-05-14 16:20:56
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