8 pirates arrested in thwarted attack against oil ship in Togo

LOME, May 14, (Xinhua/GNA) - Two Togolese and six Nigerians were arrested in a piracy attack against an oil ship that the Togolese navy thwarted off the coast of the country, governmental site has reported.

According to the source, the Togolese minister of security made public the foiled attack in a release Sunday night, underscoring the pirates rented a canoe on hand in Togo to launch the attack against the Togolese flag vessel "Djetona 1."

"Early intervention of the navy patrol vessels thwarted the attack", the source said, disclosing the arrest of the eight pirates.

Over last few years, the waters of the Gulf of Guinea have seen many piracy attacks and vessels in the region lay up in the territorial waters of Togo to escape hijacking.

Togolese navy has thus reinforced capacity for action as the country plays key role in the international fight against piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea.

As important part of the shipping traffic between Asia and Europe, the Gulf of Guinea borders former and new African oil producing countries among which Angola, Nigeria and Ghana.


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Published: 2019-05-14 14:23:59
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