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Accra, June 28, GNA - As the build-up towards the election for a flagbearer for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) continues, Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin, keeps waxing strong as the protagonist.

“On Wednesday, many Bagbin loyalists, who vowed to vote for him to become Presidential Candidate, won in the NDC’s Constituency election in Tema East, reinforcing the point that the Nadowli/Kaleo MP was firm on the ground within the party.”

Mr Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshake, who held a News conference after their elections in Tema East to announce their Constituency elections said nationwide results indicated that Bagbin Loyalists had won most of the elections.

“Most of the Constituencies across the country voted for people who feel that the neglect that they suffered under former President Mahama while he was in office will be repeated if he is made leader of the party again. Generally, people with such sentiments believe that the person to lead our great party into 2020 should be Mr Bagbin,” Moshake said.

Moshake a fierce critic of Mahama and open supporter of Bagbin, addressed the News conference at Tema Newtown after going unopposed for the position of Constituency Executive Member.

He said many other Bagbin supporters also went unopposed adding that he was elected unopposed because the majority of people in Tema East NDC felt that his support for Mr Bagbin was right.

“Results from all the ten regions of the country indicate that the party has voted for people who want change from the status quo. Mr Alban Bagbin, I can report, has strong support among the new Constituency executives of the party because most of the people who won are people who feel that the neglect under the previous NDC administration should not be allowed to recur,” Moshake said at the News Conference.

The News conference came immediately after the second half of constituency elections for Tema East had been completed.

The Tema New Town delegates could not vote because of torrential rains on Saturday.

At the News conference, Moshake was flanked by some of the victorious party executives including; Amarh Evans, the newly elected Deputy Constituency Organiser for Tema East.

Mr Evans said the support Mr Alban Bagbin enjoyed at the level of the Constituency election was poised to be repeated at the regional level.” Bagbin is very popular and that is why his supporters including me have won.” Amarh Evans said.

According to him, many of the contestants in the upcoming regional executive election of the NDC believe that it would be an advantage to give the NDC’s 2020 Presidential ticket to Mr Bagbin.

“We are in contact with many of the contestants and I can tell you that majority of those who have stepped up to contest in the regional elections are people who have been motivated by the desire to vote in Mr Bagbin.” Amarh Evans said.

Mr Evans also dispelled open rumours that on Saturday, only delegates from Tema Community One were allowed to vote in the constituency election because there was a scheme to disenfranchise them.

According to him, Tema East was made up of Community One and Tema New Town and on Saturday when the nationwide Constituency election was held, there was a heavy rainfall in Tema, which disrupted plans and constrained the party to allow only delegates from Community One to vote and then rescheduled the election for those from New Town to Wednesday.

The incumbent chairman, Alhaji Mahama Bulisa, the Organiser, Clement Kofigah and the Treasurer, Mrs. Veronica Amartey retained their positions, while the Youth Organiser was won by Hussain Mohammed Bashar and Mrs Joyceline Quansah won the Women Organiser position.

The post of Vice Chairman, which was fiercely contested, went to Mr Abraham Odonkor, while Meisuna Bowlsa Alhassan emerged as the communication officer and Seidu Abdulai won the secretaryship position.

In attendance were, Mr Joshua Akamba, a Deputy National Organiser, Mr. Djamma Vanderpuiye, alias Vanpee,a former Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister, Kempes Ofosuware, a former MCE of Tema and Isaac Ashai Odamtten, a former Tema MCE.


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Published: 2018-06-28 17:13:08
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