Kaiser Flats’ residents dread uncertainties of life after ejection

By Alexander Nyarko Yeboah, GNA

Tema June 30, GNA - Bailiffs from a Tema High Court have thrown out the personal effects of residents of Kaizer Flats in Tema Community Four, says Mr Isaac Lomotey, the Spokesperson for the association of affected residents.

He told the Ghana News Agency on Friday that, “This morning, we were all asleep, around five am when they came in with a court bailiff and thugs with no identification. They came in and started throwing people out of their rooms. Then they came to call me. When I came around, I saw the commander drenched in sweat and when I approached him, he said he can’t talk to me.”

He said according to the courts, they had to be served ejection notice prior to their ejection, but that had not happened.

According to him, the Friday’s visit by the Bailiff should have been to serve them notice before the ejection itself.

“When we went to court, we were given twelve calendar months after which they were to go for the ejection notice. Even the twelve calendar months would end in September 22 which is even not due, so why should they eject us,” he queried.

Mr. Richard Anning, the Assembly man for the Horticulture Electoral Area, Tema, was embittered about the nature of the ejection.

“If it’s a court order we don’t have a problem, but they have to engage us and tell us when they want to evict us. They can’t come here unceremoniously and enter our rooms with unknown faces and attack us,” he said.

He said, “Money and valuable documents have been stolen; whom are we going to talk to. Is it because we didn’t attack anybody, because of that they take us for weaklings? We are not weak. We are law abiding people that is why we just allowed them to do what they did.”

According to him, for such an exercise to take place, they should be informed together with the Chief Executive Officer of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tema Central, the Assemblyman and even Opinion Leaders in the community “but they came to evict people as if they were evicting animals”.

He observed that there was a court order in 2013 that four blocks were so weak they had to be pulled down, but the agreement was that when the time for eviction approached, the Assemblyman should be informed so he could prepare the minds of the people involved.

Mr. Anning said the eviction was not right because the National Disaster Management Organization’s (NADMO) coordinator was not aware, and “we are in the rainy season and yet they threw us out.”

A Tema High Court had given an order for residents of four affected flats at the Kaizer Flats in Tema Community Four to be evicted to pave way for the demolishing of those structures, and a bailiff had been assigned to recover the possession and hand it over to the Tema Development Corporation (TDC).


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Published: 2017-06-30 16:53:42
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