Prices of foodstuff experience slight changes in Wa Central Market

Wa, May 31, GNA – Prices of foodstuffs at the Wa Central Market are relatively stable with staples like maize, millet and sorghum beans experiencing slight changes.

For instance a bowl of maize which was sold at GHȼ3.00 in April has reduced to GHȼ2.80 and millet increased from GHȼ3.50 to GHȼ4.50 in May.

A Ghana News Agency survey at the Wa Central Market on the prices of some foodstuffs and commodities, showed that prices of yam varies from GHȼ5.00, GHȼ8.00 and GHȼ10.00 according to sizes and remained the same within the period.

Polished rice which was sold at GHȼ10.00 per bowl last month is now selling at GHȼ12.00, while the price of a bowl of local rice still remained GHC 8.

Local white beans is sold for GHȼ8.00 a bowl, Bambara beans- GHȼ9 groundnuts- GHȼ6.00 and cowpea is sold at GHȼ15.00.

The price of 50 kg of polished rice stood at GHȼ180.00 but reduced to GHȼ175.00 in May while 25kg of the same product which was sold for GHȼ90.00 also reduced to GHC 88 respectively.

Prices of sugar also dropped as a maxi bag of brown sugar which was sold at GHȼ210.00 last month reduced to GHȼ198.00 and white sugar is sold at GHȼ200.00 as against GHȼ220.00 last month.

A maxi bag of local beans is sold at GHȼ480.00 and cowpea - GHȼ1050.00; millet also experienced a stable price of GHȼ200.00.

A maxi bag of groundnuts is being sold at GHȼ360.00; gari - GHȼ300.00 for grade A and GHȼ250.00 for substandard ones.

Similarly a bag of Bambara beans is selling at GHC 480 per maxi bag and maize has reduced from GHȼ150.00 to GHȼ140.00.

Gari is currently at GHȼ6.00 and sugar is priced at GHȼ13.00 a bowl.

With the recent rainfall in the region, vegetable production has increased and prices are relatively low.

Cabbage prices range between GHȼ1.00 and GHȼ2.00; lettuce cost GHȼ2.00 per branch, carrot priced GHȼ5.00 for three pieces, tomatoes cost GHȼ15.00 per bowl and dry pepper is selling at GHȼ9.00 per bowl.

Five pieces of okro is sold at GHCȼ2.00, a bowl of ginger costs GHCȼ20.00.

At the livestock market, guinea fowls and other poultry prices varied from GHȼ25.00, GHȼ 27.00 and GHȼ30.00 and above while the price of a sheep stood at GHȼ150.00.

Generally prices of animals increase during festivities like Christmas, Easter and the two Eids celebrations where demand is always high.


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Published: 2017-05-31 18:21:20
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