Ghana needs a vibrant political third force – CPP

Monday 17th February, 2020
CPP Aspirant

Accra, Feb. 17, GNA – Mr Kwaku Quansah, a National Chairman Aspirant of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) on Monday advocated a new political paradigm with vibrant third force to stabilise the equilibrium of power for accelerated national development.

He said: “As Ghana prepares for Election 2020, which through all indications is going to be the electoral barometer to measure the stability of the fourth republic, a vibrant political third force will provide Ghanaians the electoral dynamics for a better choice at the polls”.

Mr Quansah who was CPP Parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that the mushrooming of smaller political parties, instead of standing as political measurements, have now become stooges of the main two parties, New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“Most leaders of these splinter political parties have been compromised covertly or overtly by the elements of NPP and NDC. Now these parties have become propaganda wings of the two major parties; this is not good for the growth of a healthy democratic state.

“We need leaders who cannot be compromised with a pottage of meal, we need leaders who can stand against manipulative forces, we need leaders who will consider the nation first in all things they do, not individual interest, and we need leaders who serve the people and will not lord it over them,” the CPP National Chairman Aspirant noted.

Mr Quansah who is an Architect by profession explained that Election 2020 offered Ghanaians another opportunity to elect leaders who would be committed to national interest; “the electorates must not be persuaded simply through campaign platform gymnastics and wild promises.

“As citizens, we must kick against opulent campaign, kick against violence, kick against blackmailing and kick against corruption in the political sphere, we as citizens must question the sources of the campaign cash,” he said.

On the reason why he is contesting for the CPP National Chairmanship slot, Mr Quansah said: "CPP is going through one of the most difficult moments, and needs a youthful personality with administrative experience and maturity to be able to steer the party to stable ground and lay a foundation for the party's development.

"We are currently at another challenging moment to revamp it and offer it as the third force in Ghanaian politics. This is time that political and general maturity and ability to engage other parties count, I have developed political interest with the backing of seasoned CPP fathers and mothers behind me".

He frowned on disunity, and bickering within the CPP and appealed to its leading members not to seat on the fence, but should support him with noble ideas and innovations to revive the fortunes of the CPP.

"If we want to organise the party, we must all forget about our personal ambitions and come together and plan a way for the progress of the party which I strongly stand for hence my response to calls to contest as National Chairman," he said.

He pledged a committed and sincere leadership to build a formidable party capable of making huge impact in Elections 2020, stressing, "I seek to re-establish a firm grip of the CPP on the country's political landscape, and called on the party delegates to the March 28 Conference in Kumasi to vote for him".

He said without strengthening the structures at the grassroots, there would be no meaningful development within the party and emphasized the need to repackage the ideals and ideology of the party to make it more relevant to modern Ghanaian politics.