S. Sudan unites armed forces through food delivery in cantonment sites

Thursday 19th September, 2019
South Sudan People Defense Forces

JUBA, Sept 19, (Xinhua/GNA) - The delivery of food aid to the cantonment sites by the National Pre-Transitional Committee has boosted efforts to unite South Sudan's armed forces, military officers have said.

John Maluit Lit, South Sudan People Defense Forces, in charge of food distribution said that timely delivery of food to the cantonment sites has boosted the morale of soldiers while uniting them.

"We brought food from Juba to the cantonment sites and the soldiers are happy," said Maluit, adding that registration of opposition troops at the cantonment sites has been ongoing to pave way for joint training.

Last week, South Sudan's peace monitors called on parties to speed up the process of troop movements to verified cantonment sites and barracks to help establish a unified force before Sept. 30.

Eriku Richard Jimmy, a soldier at Ashwa cantonment site said that he was excited to witness the arrival of the food, adding that his peers shared the same sentiment as they wait for training to commence.

South Sudan descended into conflict in December 2013 after President Kiir sacked his deputy Riek Machar leading to fighting between soldiers loyal to both leaders.

The conflict has so far claimed more than ten thousand lives and displaced millions both internally and externally.

A peace deal signed in 2015 collapsed after renewed violence in July 2016, forcing Machar to flee the capital Juba.

In September 2018, the warring South Sudanese parties signed a revitalized peace deal, in which Machar will take up one of the four vice presidency posts in the transitional government that could be formed at the end of this year.